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What is Trade Union Friends of Bhopal, Bhopal Saathi?

We are a growing network of trade unionists campaigning in solidarity with the Bhopal survivors for justice for them and for all victims of corporate crime, including fair treatment and compensation for those harmed and holding those responsible to account. We also campaign for stronger global regulation on health, safety and environmental protection, regulation which puts regard for human life and the environment at its centre. Toxic globalisation knows no boundaries, though it does tend to prey on the vulnerable. 

Our core values are of  global solidarity, health environment, justice and steadfastness. The Hindi word Saathi means friend or comrade, and reflects these values.

Building awareness, support and solidarity amongst UK trade unionists is the foundation of the campaign. Please join us in this fight.  Everyone, individual or branch, that does so strengthens international solidarity.We need to spread awareness of this ongoing catastrophe and injustice and build support for the international effort to hold global capital to account. In particular we support the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, as well as the ongoing work of local health clinics in Bhopal.

Find us on Facebook or Twitter (@TUFriendsBhopal) for current news. Give us a like/follow and do get in touch if you want to get involved or let us know of any events you're holding.
Contact us through either of those routes, or by emailing us at hello@TUFriendsBhopal.org.uk

We work openly and we need you! 

Our main decision-making forum is our steering group to which we welcome anyone with an interest to take part. This group needs to widen and would particularly benefit from input from minority (in the UK) groups including black and other ethnic minority groups, and from women. We have occasional face-to-face meetings but much of this is achieved by email.

We have 5 Directors who have legal responsibility for the organisation (see below). Two of those Directors (Kathy and Eurig) take a lead in day-to-day decision-making. They are

Kathy Jenkins
Eurig Scandrett
Ian Tasker
Des Loughney
Scott Donohoe

We also have a coordinator (Sara Marsden) who works to support the Directors and Steering group.
(Correct at October 2018)

Our legal status

As we are a political campaigning organisation we can't be a charity. We are however a social enterprise in the form of a company limited by guarantee. All assets and monies are locked into going towards fulfilling our social aims (and as such our Directors, for instance, cannot benefit from it). This is guaranteed by our articles which state: "The income and property of the company shall be applied solely towards promoting the company's objects...and no part of the income, assets or surplus of the company shall be paid or transferred to the members of the company".  

Our aims are all to do with campaigning for global health, safety and environmental justice with a particular focus on Bhopal. This means that any monetary contributions made can only go towards these company aims (which might of course include reasonable expenses for those undertaking action as part of, or on behalf of TUFB, Bhopal Saathi) 

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