The Bhopal Disasters

The Bhopal disaster and Bhopal Saathi

Although it is now over 30 years since it began, Bhopal was - and still is - one of the world's most deadly industrial catastrophes.  10s of thousands died as a direct result of the toxic gas release in 1984. 100s of thousands were disabled, and they and their children suffer ongoing health conditions. The old Union Carbide site is still leaking toxic chemicals, and soil and water contamination is spreading. It has now contaminated drinking water in over 40 local communities.

The abysmal response of national and global authorities has made this situation even worse than it needed to be. It has left survivors without adequate healthcare, with only meagre pay out, no compensation, and living in a poisoned environment. This constitutes one of the world's greatest injustices. The survivors of Bhopal have fought for justice with great dignity and courage over the long years. They have achieved much, despite national and global systems set against them. However, Union Carbide Corporation, the American company responsible for the site at the time of the leak, and now owned by DowDuPont, has not yet been made to answer to the courts for their actions.

The Trade Union Friends of Bhopal (Bhopal Saathi) is proud to stand with the survivors of Bhopal in their fight for justice. Our core values are of  global solidarity, health environment, justice and steadfastness. The Hindi word Saathi means friend or comrade, and reflects these values.

The Trade Union Friends of Bhopal (Bhopal Saathi) campaigns for justice for the victims of corporate crime but in particular for those of the Bhopal disaster – for fair treatment and compensation for those harmed and to hold those responsible to account. It also campaigns for stronger global regulation on health, safety and environmental protection, regulation which puts regard for human life and the environment at the centre.  Toxic globalisation knows no boundaries, though it does tend to prey on the vulnerable.

Building awareness, support and solidarity amongst UK trade unionists is the foundation of the campaign. Please join us in this fight.  We need to spread awareness of this ongoing catastrophe and injustice and build support the international effort to hold global capital to account. In particular we support the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, as well as the ongoing work of local health clinics in Bhopal.

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